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User Instructions for the K4AVU Coax Crimper

1. Loosen both bolts so that the crimper will fit over the area to be crimped on the PL-259.  This is the area where you would normally solder the four holes.

2. Tighten one bolt just a little and the tighten the other bolt a little.  Continue to alternate tightening each bolt until the crimp is complete.  NOTE: the crimper does not have to be fully closed to complete the crimp.

3. I suggest using a socket wrench with a 7/16" socket.  Some users have reported that they use a vice to hold the crimper.  "Caution" the vise will scar the tool.  To prevent this, place a piece of wood on each side of the vice jaws.  We recommend using Amphenol PL-259's.  We have tested other brands of connector's.  Just be sure you use a good grade of PL259's.  The Radio Shack p/n 259-205 will not crimp because the area where the tool fits is too narrow.  It will cause damage to the tool.  Some silver plated connector's that we have tested may crack due to the soft metal


  of the connector.   However, if you are very careful they will crimp ok.

Good crimping. 73, Paul K4AVU

Email: k4avu@yahoo.com   If you have any questions or suggestions.