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K4AVU Amp Buffer

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This device is a combination of an amp buffer and amp switchiing delay. For those that may be using an amplifer with T/R relays that have a slower time constant than the transceiver. This switching delay can cause hot switching. Some amplifiers that need this device is Kenwood TL-922, Collins 30L-1 and Heathkit SB-200 and others.  Some of the  Ameritron amps also have slow switiching relays. This happens when you transmit before the T/R relay in the amplifier closes.  This buffer will protect your transsceiver from any spike or failure from the amplifier. Some have reported failure of the transceiver power output transisitors.  Also it can cause failure of the amplifier band switch.  The amp delay/buffer will solve this issue.  It has a varialble time constant control that is adjustable between 125ms to 2000ms.  Also the unit will work with all radio's and amplifiers.  It has both negative and postive inputs from the transceiver.  The unit is powered by 12-15 V DC from an external dc source..  The internal relay will handle 15A.The enclousure is 4x2 /1/2x 1 1/2 inches. 

NOTE:  This time adustable  delay may help with users of the IC-7300 with overshoot with some amplifiers and prevent hot switching.,  Hot switching is known for damaging the final transistors.

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