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K4AVU Amp Buffer


The Amplifer buffer isolates the radio from the amp. It is powered from an external dc source 9-14 volts.  The buffer uses a opto device for complete isolation.  Uses standard male phono connectors to connect to the radio and the amplifer.  We also make a buffer for the Heathkit SB-200,SB-201, Collins 30L-1 and  Yaesu FL-2000B. We also have a modified verison for the Icom IC-706,IC-7000 and the IC-7100. I furnish the 2.1mm power plug.  You can power it from a wall wart, or any 9-14 volt power supply.


The buffer goes between your transceiver and amplifier to protect the radio if there is any type conditon in the amplifier that could feedback and damage your transceiver.

Please contact me if you need further information.

What is the model and make of your radio and amplifier

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